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Atlanta Celtics
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People you may know

Dion Glover/ Jumaine Jones

Dion Glover and Jumaine Jones are basketball royalty when it comes to Georgia basketball. They had an amazing run here at the Atlanta Celtics and both were drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in 1999.  Jumaine was traded immediately to the Philadelphia 76ers, where he started his professional career. Dion Glover stayed with the Hawks. Both had long and successful professional careers.


Celtics Classic

One of the best AAU teams ever assembled is the 2003 Atlanta Celtics (pictured). This team consisted of Dwight Howard, who was drafted #1 overall in the 2004 draft by the Orlando Magic, also Josh Smith – NBA, Randolph Morris – Kentucky, NBA, Jarvis Crittenton -Georgia Tech, NBA, Brandon Rush – Kansas, NBA and Mike Mercer – Georgia.

Wallace Prather

Wallace Prather was the co-founder of the Atlanta Celtics. He had his hand in developing just about all the top basketball players that came through the state of Georgia. He and Karl McCray founded the Atlanta Celtics and was one of the first, if not the first, shoe sponsored teams in the country. Wallace Prather died June 18, 2005 but his legacy continues to go on through the people who knew him and our Atlanta Celtics program.


About Us

The Atlanta Celtics Youth Athletic Program is a non-profit corporation, organized to assist student in developing life skills while preparing them for college. We recruits highly skilled student athletes with the intent of assisting them to mature into successful adults. Through the years, The Atlanta Celtics organization has earned an outstanding reputation for recruiting excellent students with a tremendous desire of becoming better young men. Not only is the program nationally known for prominent players, it is exalted for distinguishing integrity in regards to the recruitment of players among college coaches. Our goal is simple, we want to give students the best opportunity to succeed. The program is planned and implemented within an atmosphere of confidence so that parents will have the comfort of knowing that they can trust the future of their child with our organization.