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Our Program

Our Organization


The Atlanta Celtics Youth Athletic Program is a non-profit corporation, organized to assist student in developing life skills while preparing them for college. We recruit highly skilled student athletes with the intent of assisting them to mature into successful adults. Through the years, The Atlanta Celtics organization has earned an outstanding reputation for recruiting excellent students with a tremendous desire of becoming better young men. Not only is the program nationally known for prominent players, it is exalted for distinguishing integrity in regards to the recruitment of players among college coaches. Our goal is simple, we want to give students the best opportunity to succeed. The program is planned and implemented within an atmosphere of confidence so that parents will have the comfort of knowing that they can trust the future of their child with our organization.


The Mission of the Atlanta Celtics Youth Program is to plan, promote, organize, and implement a comprehensive and competitive spring and summer basketball program that will give students an advantage in earning a college scholarship with an enhance opportunity to compete professionally. 


The objective of the Atlanta Celtics Youth Athletic Program is to teach life skills to students interested in pursuing basketball as a means of acquiring a college degree.  

Style of Play

The Atlanta Celtics Youth Athletic Program stresses an aggressive style of play that emphasizes the development of the basic fundamentals of the game. The team concept is an absolute necessity with tremendous intensity on defense. This concept demands that the student athlete be in great mental and physical condition.  


Georgia and neighboring states continues to produce a high number of very talented student athletes. However, there is occasionally a player with very unique potential to be that next exceptional prospect. The competition to recruit those players is extremely intense. Our primary objective is to demonstrate our ability to give those players a distinct advantage in achieving their goals. 

Playing Time 

The amount of playing time a player receives will vary based on the player’s skill and the skills of their teammates. There is no minimum playing time or guarantee that everyone will play in every game.

In the event that you need to discuss the student’s playing time please speak with the coaching staff. 

The Head Coach makes the final decision concerning playing time.

Administrative Staff

  • Karl McCray, President 
  • Corey (Hulio) Smith Boys General Manager 
  • Ken Woods, Chaplain/Life Coach